Available courses

This course is designed as basic introduction to Geographic Information System (GIS).

This course covers the fundamental concepts of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) as applied in surveying and mapping. Throughout this course, the participants will learn the theories of aerial image acquisition, and on how the principles of Photogrammetry is utilized to extract three-dimensional (3D) information from images acquired by UASs. Hands-on exercises on photogrammetric processing and analysis of UAS images are included. 

This online mock licensure/board exam portal is offered by the CCGeo in cooperation with the Department of Geodetic Engineering of the College of Engineering and Geosciences (CEGS), Caraga State University (CSU), Butuan City, Philippines.

This portal is exclusively provided to CSU BS Geodetic Engineering graduates/alumni who are going to take the GE Licensure Examination.

For inquiries and other details, please send an email to geodetic.cegs@carsu.edu.ph